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FIMS Change Requests

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FY 2023

RFC # Description Requestor Status
23-01 Excess Date Change Adam Pugh FAC Recommended
23-02 New Outgrant Standard Report Laura Troche FAC Recommended
23-03 Update Hazard Category Rebecca Yassan Under Review

FY 2022

RFC # Description Requestor Status
22-01 User Account Management Renelda Lechner-Strand Implemented
22-02 Make Core Capabilities Optional for Land Eric Haukdal Implemented

FY 2021

RFC # Description Requestor Status
21-01 Land Status and Excess Indicator Monja Vadnais Implemented
21-02 Expand Size of Property Name Renelda Lechner-Strand FDDC Approved
21-03 New Data Elements for DOE O 437.1 Cindy Hunt Implemented
21-04 Modifications Associated with DOE O 437.1 Cindy Hunt Implemented
21-05 Modify AAIM Asset List Renelda Lechner-Strand Implemented
21-06 Modify Property List Window Monica Au Implemented

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FIMS Software Release Memos

FY23 Releases
FY22 Releases

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