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As stewards of a national resouce, the Department of Energy (DOE) is using the Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) to assist in managing our real property assets. FIMS is the Department's corporate real property database as mandated by DOE Order 430.1C (Real Property Asset Management). Real property includes land and anything permanently affixed to it, such as buildings, fences, bridges, etc. Building fixtures and equipment, such as plumbing, electrical, heating and elevators, that are installed in a buiding in a more or less permanent manner usually are held to be part of the real property.

The system offers the Department an effective management and planning tool that provides an accurate inventory of all real property assets that DOE has a legal interest in or right to use. FIMS is relied upon extensively by DOE Headquarters for making daily management decisions as they relate to condition, utilization, mission, status, maintenance and operations costs as well as dispositions and future acquisitions of real property.  Complete and accurate information on real property assets is critical to the Department for managing facilities and satisfying several external reporting requirements which include the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) which is managed by the General Services Administration (GSA), Office and Management and Budget (OMB), Congress and the taxpayers.  Data quality is enforced through annual FIMS data validations.

FIMS Management

DOE logoFIMS is managed at DOE Headquarters by the Office of Asset Mangement (MA-50). The Federal System Owner for FIMS is Adam Pugh. Questions related to FIMS management can be directed to Adam Pugh or Mark Gordy.

  • Adam Pugh, Email: adam.pugh@hq.doe.gov, Phone: (301) 820-2455
  • Mark Gordy, Email: mark.gordy@hq.doe.gov, Phone: (443) 821-4944

The FIMS Advisory Committee (FAC) has been established to manage the change control process.  The FAC is a subcomittee of individuals comprised of experienced site users, including DOE contractor personnel, that analyze all FIMS change requests and make a recommendation to the Facilities Data Development Committee (FDDC).  The FDDC is a corporate board comprised of individuals who represent the various Headquarters Program Offices. They review the FAC's recommendation as it relates to potential enhancements. By majority vote, the FDDC has the final determination on approving FIMS enhancements.

Technical Support

tech support image FIMS technical assistance can be obtained from one of the following resources.
  • Email the FIMS/CAIS Help Desk at fims_cais_help@hq.doe.gov
  • Call the FIMS/CAIS Hotline at (202) 287-1397

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