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The Department of Energy (DOE) Condition Assessment Information System (CAIS) provides condition assessment information to ensure that real property assets are maintained and will continue to meet DOE program goals. Information entered into CAIS is derived from a visual and non-invasive inspection of real property assets known as a Condition Assessment Survey (CAS).

CAIS serves the Department as an effective cost estimating tool that is based on RS Means costing data.  The system uses industry standard deficiency systems (Uniformat II) and construction costing information to implement a costing algorithm for modeling deficiency repair and replacement costs.  In addition, CAIS has the capability to develop and prioritize projects for the purpose of reducing Repair Needs and Deferred Maintenance as well as replacing/upgrading assets.

One of the significant advantages that CAIS offers is the interface it has with the Departments Facilities Information Management System (FIMS). Critical data from CAIS is easily uploaded to FIMS to facilitate effortless year-end reporting.  CAIS also supports and implements the requirements of DOE Order 430.1C (Real Property Asset Management Order).

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CAIS is managed at DOE Headquarters by the Office of Asset Management (MA-50).  The Federal System Owner for CAIS is Adam Pugh ( Questions related to CAIS management can be directed to Adam Pugh or Mark Gordy (

A formal CAIS Change Control Board (CCB) has been established to manage the change control process. This board is a committee of individuals that represent a central body that analyze all CAIS change requests and make final recommendatons to the Federal System Owner. The Federal System Owner approves all changes implemented into CAIS.

Those individuals who represent the CCB are listed below.

  • Larry Kelly, EM Consolidated Business Center, CCB Chairperson
  • Billy Ray Johnson, Nevada National Security Site
  • Christopher Johnson, Strategic Petroleum Reserve Office
  • Ed Ganch, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Crystal Moore, Paducah

Technical Support

tech support image CAIS technical assistance can be obtained from one of the following resources.
  • Email the FIMS/CAIS Help Desk at
  • Call the FIMS/CAIS Hotline at (202) 287-1397

CAIS User Community

email iconA point of contact list has been established to identify those individuals who are the CAIS primary contacts.

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